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That night, Rainbow and Pinkie secretly crept over to Twilight’s library.  They peeked inside to see what the ponies were up to.  Rainbow could see that Twilight was telling ghost stories to the other two.  “Perfect timing!” she said.  “What’s going on, Rainbow Dash?” Pinkie asked.  “They’re telling ghost stories now.  This’ll be a perfect time for us to pull off our grand master pony prank!”  Little did all the other ponies know, Dash secretly swapped the ghost story Twilight was originally planning to read with one about a killer gorilla, making this a perfect opportunity to give the three of them nightmares.  Using her Pinkie sense, Pinkie was able to hear Twilight through the tree.  She could tell what part of the story she was on.  “Sounds like she’s wrapping up,” said Pinkie.  “Alright,” said Rainbow.  “Now, let’s get dressed!”  Pinkie had the gorilla costume ready to go.  She stepped inside it and stood up on her hind hooves.  Rainbow Dash got on Pinkie’s shoulders.  “This is it, Pinkie,” said Dash.  “I hope you’re ready.”  “I’m totally ready!” Pinkie said as she pulled up the costume so Dash could slip the top half of the costume onto her.

Meanwhile, inside the tree, Twilight was finishing up her ghost story, which was really Dash’s story.  “And then, the gorilla reached down at the helpless colt, grabbed him and threw him far away into the night sky.  He was never to be heard from again.”  “Tarnation,” said Applejack.  “That was one heck of a story.”  “You said it, Applejack,” said Rarity.  “Thanks, guys,” said Twilight.  “Even I didn’t know I had this story.  So who’s next?”  Suddenly, there was a growl.  Twilight and Applejack got scared at the sound.  “W-w-what was that?” Twilight asked in a scared tone.  “It c-could be a m-monster,” said Applejack.  Rarity laughed, “Silly ponies.  That was just me.  You just heard my stomach grumbling.”  Twilight and AJ sighed with relief.  Rarity blushed a little again when her stomach growled a second time.  “You’ll have to excuse me, but ghost stories do make me hungry,” she said.  “Well, I did send Spike to pick up that pizza that I ordered,” said Twilight.  “I wonder what’s taking him so long to get back here.”  “Why don’t we play another game while we’re waiting?” suggested Applejack.  “Good idea,” said Twilight.  “How about we play a game called Never Have I Ever?”  All of a sudden, the ponies all heard a very loud growl.  Thinking it was Rarity’s stomach again, Applejack said, “My, Rarity, that rumbling belly of yours sure doesn’t sound very lady-like.”  “Um…I don’t think that was my stomach, Applejack,” Rarity stammered.  “I think she’s right,” said Twilight.  “It sounded like it came from outside.”  “Well, I’m curious to know what that sound was,” said Applejack.  “Me too,” said Twilight.  “Let’s go investigate.”  So the trio walked outside.  The sound that they heard, little do they know, was actually the sound Pinkie had recorded earlier that day.  She was playing it back turned up at its maximum level.  Just then, Rainbow Dash noticed the ponies were coming outside.  “Uh-oh!  Here they come!  Let’s get ready to surprise them, Pinkie!” she said.  Pinkie hid inside the costume and zipped it up while Rainbow put the mask on her head.

The trio of ponies walked outside and looked around.  They didn’t see anything that could have made that sound, until suddenly, Rainbow Dash let out a really loud roar.  The ponies turned to see the disguised Rainbow and Pinkie running towards them!  Twilight and the others screamed, and they galloped away as fast as they could.  Pinkie gave chase carrying Dash on her shoulders while still in the costume.  Dash roared as ferociously as she could.  Pinkie giggled inside the costume, and fortunately, all the other commotion going on was loud enough to drown out her giggles.  Twilight, AJ and Rarity kept running and running and running, until finally, they all fell into a big puddle of mud.  They were stuck.  “Oh no!  Why did this have to happen?” cried Rarity.  “Not only are we going to be eaten alive, but my beautiful coat is all muddy!  Why must I live the last moment of my life like this?  Of all the horrible things that could happen today, this is THE WORST POSSIBLE THING!”  Apple Jack sighed, “She’ll never learn.”  Pinkie slowly walked up to the ponies who were struggling to get out of the mud.  The three ponies were scared stupid.  Pinkie leaned over so that Rainbow Dash could close in on the ponies.  She acted all monstrous at first, but then, she got back up and took off her mask.  “Gotcha!” she said laughing.  Pinkie unzipped the costume revealing herself.  “We really got you!” she said, and then she started to laugh.  The other three got mad at Pinkie and Dash.  “That was not very funny, you two,” snorted Twilight.  “You’re right.  It wasn’t,” said Pinkie.  “It was hilarious!”  Rainbow Dash continued to laugh.  “You should have seen the looks on your faces when we jumped out at you!” she said.  Soon, Applejack cheered up and said, “I gotta admit, that actually was a pretty good prank.”  Dash and Pinkie got out of their costume.  “We kind of wanted to get back at you ponies because you three have all these slumber parties and never invite us,” explained Rainbow Dash.  “I thought you didn’t like slumber parties,” said Twilight.  “Well, I thought maybe I’d fix up the party so it wouldn’t be so girly,” Dash responded.  “And what’s a party without me?” asked Pinkie.  Twilight responded, “Okay.  I’m sorry I never invited you two.  From now on, whenever I host a slumber party at my place, I’ll be sure to invite every pony, and by every pony, I mean our core group.  Now, could you please help us get out of this mud?”
Here's the third part to my second MLPFIM fanfic, but it won't be the last. ;)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (c) Hasbro
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March 12, 2014


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