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Morning had just begun at Adventure Bay. The pups at the Paw Patrol lookout were sleeping. The German Shepherd known as Chase, however, woke up when he noticed the sun rising. He woke up with a big yawn and walked out into the field.

One by one, each of the other pups woke up and joined Chase, except for Marshall the Dalmatian. Marshall was a heavy sleeper, so he remained asleep. This morning, however, things were a little different. Marshall was hungry. He heard his stomach growl, which startled him so much that he woke up and bumped his head on the brow of his dog house.

"Oww," he said rubbing his head. Then he noticed the other pups. It looked like they were getting ready to play. Since he was already awake, he decided to go join in on the fun.

Chase gathered around all the other pups and said, "Morning, guys!  How about we start off the day with a little play time?"

Skye yipped and did a backflip. "I'm up for that!"

"Hey, where's Marshall?" Rubble asked curiously.

"He's probably still sleeping," said Chase. "You know how much of a heavy sleeper he is."

Rocky turned his head and saw Marshall approaching them. "Oh, speak of the devil," he said.

Marshall looked exhausted. He had just woken up after all.

"Well, good morning, Sleeping Beauty," said Zuma.

"What made you decide to wake up early this time, Marshall?" asked Skye.

Marshall groaned, "My stomach woke me up."

The other pups laughed.

The pups decided to play with a ball. They always had fun playing ball.  As they played, one pup bounced it too high, and it got caught up in a tree. The pups wondered how they would get the ball down. Normally, they would use their gadgets, but the pups weren't in uniform yet. They could have used Marshall's ladder, but they didn't want to wake Ryder up (at least as far as they knew, he was still sleeping).  

Then, Chase got an idea. He positioned himself at the bottom of the tree. "Climb on my back, Rubble," he said. Rubble hesitantly did so. Chase then said, "Now Skye, you climb on top of us."

Without any hesitation, Skye hopped onto Rubble. She tried to reach the ball but couldn't.  Even her hops weren't high enough to reach the branch. "It's no use. I still can't reach it," she said.

"Maybe if we had one more pup to give that extra boost?" suggested Chase.

Thinking that was a great idea, Skye called down to Marshall, "Hey Marshall, you want to climb up here and top this stack?"

"Me?" Marshall stammered.

"Come on, Marshall," Skye smiled.

Marshall gulped and walked up to the tower of pups. He had a little trouble climbing at first, so Rocky and Zuma gave him a boost.  Marshall managed to make it onto Skye's shoulders. Skye then stood upright lifting up Marshall.

Zuma blinked, "Dude!  Skye's been working out!"

"You said it!" Rocky responded.

The totem pole wobbled a bit due to Marshall's clumsiness, but Marshall managed to shimmy over to the branch.  He reached for the ball. The other pups did all they could to help him reach, but before long, he got it.

Suddenly, a bird flew by and landed on Marshall's head. He dropped the ball and started waving his paws at it. "Hey!  Shoo!" he said. But this caused the pups to lose balance, and the tower fell over.

Chase got up and asked, "Is everyone okay?"

Skye giggled, "Birds do love you, Marshall!"

Marshall blushed a little.  

"That was amazing, Skye!" said Chase. "Err, I mean, good job."

Marshall looked around. He was still hungry and knew the pups hadn't had breakfast yet. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty famished," he said.

"Yeah, I'm getting hungry too," said Rubble. "I guess all that exercise could really work up an appetite!"

Skye's stomach grumbled. She laughed nervously and said, "I think my tummy agrees with you."

The pups all laughed, but suddenly, Ryder called them from their name tags.

"Paw Patrol, to the lookout!" Ryder called.

"Ryder needs us!" the pups all said in unison.

The pups all ran into the elevator. As usual, Marshall was the last one in, and as always, he crashed into the other pups. "We're just one big happy family," he giggled.

The elevator went up and got the pups straightened up and suited up.

Once they reached the top, the pups marched up into line.

"Ready for action, Ryder, Sir!" said Chase.

"Sorry for waking you pups up so early," said Ryder.

"It's okay," said Zuma. "We've already been up for the past hour."

"Well, that's good, because I've got a special mission for you," said Ryder, "and I'm gonna need all paws on deck."

The pups noticed that Ryder was dressed unusually. He was wearing a tuxedo.

"Why are you dressed so fancy today, Ryder?" Skye asked.

Seeing Ryder in a tux made Rubble think of secret agents. "Are we going on a spy mission?" he asked. "I love spy missions!"

Ryder chuckled, "Well, no, but this is why I called you all here."  He then accessed the computer screen to display what he was talking about. "I'm going to a ceremony tonight in Porterton. I've been nominated for an award for Excellence in Community Service."

The pups cheered congratulating Ryder.

"I couldn't have done it without you guys," said Ryder as he went on: "The ceremony doesn't start until this evening, but I'm going to Porterton in a few minutes for some interviews."

"So what's our mission?" asked Chase.

"Oh, I know!" Marshall exclaimed. "Ryder wants us to come along and give him moral support!"

"Actually, no," said Ryder. "You pups can't come."

The pups' jaws dropped.

"Sorry, guys," said Ryder. "I wish I could bring you guys along, but this is not in Adventure Bay, and they have a strict rule for no animals allowed."

The pups moaned.

"Hold on, guys," said Ryder. "I haven't told you your mission yet: While I'm gone, I am leaving you pups responsible for watching over Adventure Bay and taking care of any emergencies that may happen."

Skye yipped and did a backflip. "You can count on us, Ryder!" she cheered.

Ryder than instructed: "Chase, I'm leaving you in charge of the Paw Patrol for today."

"These paws uphold the laws!" said Chase.

"Sounds like you pups can handle it," said Ryder as he put his tablet away. "Before I go, do you pups have any questions or requests from me?"

Just then, all six of the pups' stomachs growled simultaneously. They all blushed and whimpered.

Ryder giggled, "I guess I should feed you pups."

The pups panted and wagged their tails.

So Ryder fed the pups. Before he left he said, "I guess PAW Patrol is on a roll. I'll see you guys tonight."  Then off he went.

With their owner gone and their tummies full, the pups wondered what they could do while waiting for an emergency call. Chase insisted that they stay in the lookout, as it would be easier for them to receive calls.

Marshall was bored. He wanted to do something fun. He thought this would be a perfect time to play the pups' favorite video game, "Pup Pup Boogie". He walked over to the elevator and said to the others, "I'm gonna play Pup Pup Boogie. Anyone want to join me?"

Skye jumped up and said, "You're on, Marshall!" and they both went to the lower level.

A few minutes later, Rocky and Zuma couldn't resist shimmy-grooving because they could hear the music of Pup Pup Boogie from down below. It wasn't long until they decided to go down and join Marshall and Skye.

Hours later, Rubble noticed it was almost time for his favorite show: "Apollo the Super Dog".

Chase, however, stayed up top.  As Ryder's top dog and the one in charge, it was his duty to take his job seriously and answer any calls the minute they came in. Today seemed very unusual for the Paw Patrol. Adventure Bay has emergencies every day, but strangely today, Adventure Bay decided to be quiet for once. Chase noticed this as he saw the sun starting to set.  It was almost time for Ryder's ceremony. Then suddenly, he got an idea!  

Chase called the other five pups back up to the lookout. They all came back.

"Have you pups been enjoying yourselves?" Chase asked.

"Yeah, it sure is nice having a whole day to ourselves with nothing to do," answered Marshall. "No emergencies or anything."

"I noticed that too," said Rocky. "And I found it very unusual."

"Well, that's why I called you all up here," said Chase, "because I've got something for us to do!  We're all going to Ryder's ceremony!"

The other pups thought Chase was out of his mind.

"Didn't Ryder say there is a no dogs allowed rule?" asked Zuma.

"That he did, Zuma," answered Chase, "and even though we are going, nobody will see us as dogs."

"What are you saying exactly?" asked Skye.

"What I'm saying is, I've got a plan!" said Chase with a grin. He then turned on the computer and explained his plan to the pups: "The six of us will go to the ceremony, and we'll be disguised as a human. If we all stacked up on each others' shoulders and covered ourselves up with a long coat, then top it off with a hat and a fake mustache, and voila! We've become one person!"

"I like where this is going!" said Rubble.

"It sounds like fun too!" said Marshall.

"Where are we going to get a disguise like that, though?" Skye asked curiously.

Chase responded with: "Rocky, do you think you have something in your recycle bin that we can use or put together for our cover?"

"I think I can find something," said Rocky. "Why trash it when you can stash it?"

"Alright!" said Chase. "As Ryder would say: PAW Patrol is on a roll!"

The pups all went outside except for Rocky. He first checked his bin and managed to find the perfect materials to use for their cover.  He dragged it out to show the others.

"That'll be perfect, Rocky!" said Chase. "I suggest we practice a little bit before we head out to see Ryder."

The pups all nodded in agreement.

So the pups all piled up on each others' shoulders slipping on the coat. Chase was at the top, Zuma was underneath him, Skye was underneath Zuma, Rocky was underneath Skye, Rubble was underneath Rocky, and at the very bottom was poor little Marshall.

Struggling over the weight of the other pups and standing on his hind legs, Marshall said, "I'm starting to have second thoughts about this being fun now!"

"Hang in there, Marshall," said Rocky.

"I'm sure Chase knows what he's doing," said Skye.

"Remember guys, we've got to work together and be a human," said Chase as they buttoned up the coat. Chase then slapped on the hat and mustache. "Alright, let's go!" he said.

Marshall tried to walk, but his clumsiness caused the whole tower of dogs to wobble and sway, and they fell over within seconds.

Skye grunted, "Chase, do you care to explain why Marshall is the one on the bottom?"

After enough practice, the pups felt they were ready. So they all got into their vehicles and drove to Porterton. To not draw so much attention, Skye flew low, and Chase and Marshall kept their sirens turned off.  They arrived outside the hall where Ryder's ceremony was held, and they parked their cars in the back. The pups peeked around the front and saw Ryder walking up to the front entrance.

"We made it just in time!" Marshall whispered.

"Ryder's going in!" whispered Skye.

"Perfect," said Chase. "Now let's get into our costume."

Rocky pulled the costume out of his truck. The pups all piled up in the order they were before and put on their disguise.

"Okay, easy now..." said Chase.

Marshall concentrated carefully on his walking so to prevent any chance of the tower of pups to come crashing down. He and the other pups concentrated on balance and support.  It wasn't long before they walked inside.

"Hold it," called a man at the entrance stopping the pups.

Marshall stopped in his place.

Chase cleared his throat and said in a deep voice, "Um...yes?"

The man asked, "Are you here for the ceremony?  I will only let you in if you're a nominee or a relative of one of the nominees."

Chase gulped and came up with a lie, "Um, yes. I am here for Ryder. I'm, uh...his Uncle Chase."

The man raised his eyebrow, then he looked at the list he had glancing through it. "Ah, yes. Ryder from Adventure Bay."

"That's right!" Rubble cheered from inside the coat.

Rocky kicked Rubble and said, "Shhh!"

"Sorry," Rubble said in a hushed whisper.

"Uh..." Chase sweat-dropped and cleared his throat. "Must have gotten something caught in my throat."

The man just shrugged and said, "Ryder's standing over there. If you'd like to chat with him before the ceremony starts, you may do so."

"Thank you," said Chase. Realizing Marshall wasn't moving, Chase added, "I guess I'll go walk over there right now...Come on, feet."

Marshall then figured out that was his signal to start walking, so he did.

"Oww!  Watch it!" Skye whispered to Zuma as he stepped on her ear.

"Sorry," Zuma whispered back.

The man heard that commotion and saw Marshall's tail sticking out of the coat. He blinked and rubbed his eyes, but then he just said to himself, "I should probably lay off the punch."

Meanwhile, the pups approached Ryder, but just as they got close to him, Marshall started to lose balance, and the pups toppled over onto Ryder.

Ryder let out an "Oof!" as the pups fell on him.  He pushed them back up. "Are you alright, sir?" asked Ryder.

"I am," said Chase. "Thanks, Ryder."

Ryder blinked. How did this guy know his name?  He also looked and sounded familiar.  "Pardon me, sir, but do I know you?" he asked.

Suddenly, Chase felt a sneeze coming on. He sneezed off his mustache, which Ryder caught. He then looked back up at Chase recognizing him for sure. "Chase?" he said in surprise. "What are you doing here?  And how did you grow so tall?"

The other pups unbuttoned the coat revealing themselves to Ryder. "Hi, Ryder!" they all said happily.

Surprised to see all the pups, Ryder spoke up, "Shouldn't you pups be watching over Adventure Bay?"

"Well, we were," said Marshall.

"But there were no emergencies all day," said Rubble.

"And since dogs aren't allowed here, and Adventure Bay is calm..." said Rocky.

"We decided to come here in disguise..." added Skye.

"To cheer you on," added Zuma.

"And here we are," said Chase.

Ryder chuckled, "I gotta admit, this sure was a clever idea you had. What crafty pups I've raised." He then buttoned the pups' disguise back up.

"So what do we do now?" asked Chase.

"Just try to stay out of people's way," said Ryder as he put Chase's mustache back on his nose. "The ceremony is about to start."

The pups started to wag their tails.
PAW Patrol: Pups In Disguise (Part 1)
Here's the first part to my first PAW Patrol fanfiction. Like "Drag Sisters", I currently have writer's block and am unsure what to have happen next, so I'd appreciate some suggestions.

PAW Patrol (c) Nickelodeon


Sean A Owens
United States
To all my followers: You may have noticed I've been a lot more active here the past few months after taking a several year hiatus.

Since I'm not much of an artist, I am instead going to be posting fanfictions here. These are mostly going to be stories involving totem pole trenches, because that's just how I have.

I'm currently planning a "My Little Pony Tales" fanfic and an "Oliver and Company" fanfic, but I'm not sure how to get started on them.

If anyone is interested in helping me with these stories, please send me a PM with your ideas.
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